Study in Croatia!

Paulina Chmielecka

Paulina Chmielecka is a 21 year old student from Poland. She came to Zagreb for one semester during which she was affiliated with the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb. We spoke about her experience there.

1.Why did you choose studying in Croatia?

When I applied for the Erasmus exchange program, Croatia was my third choice. The first two were Sweden and Lithuania, but Sweden was too expensive and Lithuania was too close to home, so I chose Croatia which seemed like a good mixture of not so expensive and not so close.

2.What are you studying here?

I am studying Journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Zagreb.

3.Can you tell us something more about your programmes?

My programme is very interesting because the Faculty of Political Sciences offers a lot of subjects taught in English so I could take courses from both Political Sciences and Journalism programme. I am attending 3 courses from Journalism and two from Political Sciences. My favourite course is Politics of Human Rights Politics. Our professor Enes Kulenović is such a great professor and his lectures are really interesting.

4.What aspects of studying in Croatia do you enjoy the most?

I love the way students and professors interact – most of our lectures are very interactive and we feel free to come and ask for help or advice about our projects and essays. In Poland you don’t see something like that very often and I think Croatian way is much better. Also, I was able to do my practicing at TV Student where I have learned a lot about making TV shows.

5.What is student lifestyle in Zagreb like?

I’m having a lot of fun during my stay in Zagreb, not just because of parties with my Croatian and Erasmus friends, but also because Zagreb has a lot of interesting museums and galleries to offer and student admission is either free or they can get a discount.

6.Why do you think others should study in Croatia?

Besides the great faculty programme I have experienced, there are two more things that make studying in Croatia so special. First of all, people in Zagreb are generally very kind and helpful, and it feels very pleasant. Secondly, barely felt the winter during my stay in Zagreb – most of the time the weather was nice and warm.