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University of Dubrovnik
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42.641901 18.106485
Available study programmes
Undergraduate university study programme
  • Applied Computer Science / Information Management Computer science
  • Aquaculture Agriculture
  • Business Economics Economics
  • Economics,with emphasis in: Economics, Tourism, International Trade, Marketing, Management , Financial Management Economics
  • Electrical Engineering and Maritime Communication Technology Electrical engineering
  • Maritime Technologies of Yachts and Marinas Traffic and transportation engineering
  • Media and Culture of Society Information and communication sciences
  • Nautical Studies Traffic and transportation engineering
  • Naval Engineering Mechanical engineering
  • Restoration and Conservation of Artefacts; specialisations in: Wood, Paper, Textile, Metal, Ceramics Applied arts
Graduate university study programme
  • Business Computing Computer science
  • Business Economics; specialisations in: Tourism, International Trade, Marketing Economics
  • Economics Economics
  • Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies Electrical engineering
  • Mariculture Agriculture
  • Maritime Studies Traffic and transportation engineering
  • Media Information and communication sciences
  • Public Relations Information and communication sciences
  • Restoration and Conservation of Artefacts made of Wood, Paper, Textile, Metal, Ceramics Applied arts
Postgraduate specialist university study programme
  • Marketing Management in Tourism Economics
Postgraduate (doctoral) university study programme
  • Applied Marine Sciences Interdisciplinary natural sciences
  • Population History History
Specialist graduate professional study programme
  • Clinical Nursing Clinical medical sciences
  • Financial Management Economics
Undergraduate professional study programme
  • Financial Management Economics
  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts Economics
  • Nursing Clinical medical sciences
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